Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Designing T-shirts the inspiration

So about a month ago somebody emailed me and asked me how do i create an origional t-shirt?.

Now did they mean: how do they use the create your own feature on my site? or how do i come up with origional content for my site? and in tern how do they create their own designs to put on a t-shirt?

well the how to use the create your own function i will cover in a later blog.

what i will start with though is the latter of the questions.

Now about me im not a trained graphic designer or trained artist but i like to draw, i like to look at pictures {who dosent }.

i love the fact i have this huge imagination and spend my days day dreaming while doing a day job.

Ever carry out your day job and your looking through your eyes but your imagination lets you overlay things to keep you interested and carrying on with your day? yup me too lol.

well my inspiration kind of works in a similar way i take an image i see in front of me usually one i have taken with my mobile phone of something i liked the shape of or colour or because it was wierd.

i try to take like 3 or 4 pictures a day for this task and from those pictures ill pop them into something like photoshop and put a random filter on the image just to mess with it somewhat from what it was to begin with. then once i have done that i then start to look for shapes within the picture which i then create a layer and draw on top of it and i keep repeating this process untill a design emerges that i can then adapt for a t-shirt.

ill carry on with this in the next blog so subscribe comment ill answer what i can within it

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